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About Chiropractic

Chiropractic was started in 1895 by D. D. Palmer and was developed by his son B. J. Palmer. The chiropractic profession has seen great growth over the last hundred plus years. Millions of Americans experience the power of chiropractic each year. Chiropractic is a safe alternative health care which deals with wellness, prevention, and treatment of conditions. Chiropractic methods deal with the relationship of the nervous system and its role to the muscle, bone joints, discs, and nerves to restore their normal function.

Chiropractors look for dysfunctioning vertebrate that are affecting your nervous system. This is what chiropractors call subluxation or spinal joint dysfunction. Chiropractors after using several different methods of analysis find the specific dysfunctioning vertebrate and correct it with the chiropractic adjustment. This adjustment clears out the dysfunctioning vertebrate which allows it to function normally. This in turn removes the interference of the spinal nervous system.